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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

“Someone had to do it!”

"Someone had to do it!," was my friend Carrie's response when I asked her about what motivated her to make a second trip to Kenya, Africa to invest in relationships with Kenyan locals for the sake of a community deeply affected by poverty and the Aids epidemic. Many of the children are missing parents and that makes the living situation for the children very unstable. 

Some years ago it seems that God had placed a vision of hope on Carrie's heart as well as on the hearts of a number of others in the US as well as in Kenya, Africa. This international partnership has led to the creation of an orphanage and a school that is called Oasis of Hope. Through Oasis of Hope, a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment is provided for the children of the community; and the children as well as the adults are empowered to work for the betterment of their community together! Oasis of Hope just recently was able to acquire additional property and construct some much needed additional buildings.

It all started when a number of disconnected individuals (including Carrie) received a God-sized vision to bring hope to the hopeless. The way it all continues to unfold is a testament to the truth that when a God-sized vision is given and one steps out in faith, God is faithful to place it upon the hearts of others, bringing people together and making it happen.

Carrie recently made her second trip to Kenya because someone had to go to invest in the vision and keep the international relationship strong.

I believe that God has given many of us a God-sized vision for our lives, for our communities, and for the world. The thing about a God-sized vision is that it is always without fail WAY TOO BIG for any one person to do it alone. Its easy to cast aside our God-sized visions as being too daunting, to difficult, or just downright impossible; while it's easy to think things like, "I'm not good enough," "I'm not smart enough," or "there's just no way!"

We need each other to accomplish the good that God would have us do. When we step out in faith trusting that God will make a way, God will lead us to every step of the way towards fulfilling the God-sized vision of hope and of love that was given. In most cases it is not the easy way and in many cases it is the most challenging thing we can possibly do. But there is another truth that Jesus reminds us in chapter 10 of the Gospel According to Mark: "Everything is possible with God." (Mk 10:27)

I know that there are others whose hearts break for children around the world whose communities have become torn by poverty, the Aids epidemic, and other forms of brokenness.

There are also a number of reasons our hearts break for people across the world as well as in our own local communities.

I know there are those whose hearts break for those affected by suicide.

...those whose hearts break for those bound by the chains of addiction.

...those whose hearts break for those affected by loss.

...those whose hearts break for those dealing with divorce.

...those whose hearts break for people and animals who have been abused and neglected.

I know there are those whose hearts break for the environment and creatures that humanity has used and abused as nothing more than a commodity for far too long.

I know there are those whose hearts break for families, communities, and nations torn by war and violence.

Once again, its easy to be overwhelmed by all of the bad stuff, all of the suffering, and all of the things that break our hearts into a million pieces. But it is possible, and a blessing for our hearts to be at once broken and flooded with hope because the God who cares to know us and love us is the author of the most powerful power in the universe. After all, everything is possible with God. There is no God-sized vision of hope too great that it cannot be accomplished together.

What God-sized vision of hope is connected with what your heart breaks for the most? 

What is your next step in faith to make that dream a reality?

Thank you, Carrie, for giving us a testament of what is possible with the help of God and each other when that God-sized vision hits us and we step out in faith!

(A selfie I had the opportunity to take with Carrie when she recently made a visit to Wellsboro, PA to share with some of our community members an update of the Oasis of Hope ministry in Kenya, Africa)

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