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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Snow Day

As I sit at the computer in my home office this afternoon there is a certain beauty to the snow-covered town-scape as a light sleet-mixed-with-rain combo fills the air. These inclement conditions have forced me to cancel two meetings that were scheduled for this evening. There is so much that I wanted to get done today that will now have to wait until next week.

I am a creature of habit. I don't like having to re-think what my plans are for the day in the middle of it.  This is frustrating. That being said, one of my normal concerns is having limited time to invest in my own spiritual growth and professional development.

I think its time for me to re-think my original thoughts about this snow day. Part of living the best life possible is, by nurturing my relationship with God, learning to see as God sees. My prayer for the duration of today is that the Spirit of God might help me to have eyes to see the blessing in every situation, even in rapidly changing situations like the weather and my plans for the day (however trivial that may seem).

After all, if I'm looking at Jesus and his apostles as my example, it is clear that in the Gospel stories of Matt, Mark, Luke, and John, Jesus is one who was always able to turn every situation and change of plans into blessing.

Perhaps this evening is my opportunity to dive into one of three books I've been meaning to start reading for several weeks now!

 I hope this snow day holds blessings of spiritual growth for you too.

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