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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Shining a spotlight on something good

Walking on the sidewalk along Main Street in Wellsboro on this cold Saturday morning I had the joy of encountering Lonny. He and I were both out and about in preparation for the Wellsboro Winter Festival which included a "Chili with a chance of Chocolate" event (chili tasting competition and chance to win a basket of chocolate) which was to benefit the local animal rescue organization called Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries. In addition to that there would be ice sculpture carving and other activities for kids and families to enjoy around town.

 I found out that Lonny was a reporter and a photographer of local events. I also found out that Lonny had a heart attack some years ago and it sounds like it limited some of his abilities. Unable to work, he wanted to invest his time in something positive and encouraging. There is something truly remarkable about someone who gives of themselves to shine a spotlight on good things that are happening, especially when he is not getting paid or compensated for his efforts.

Lonny shared with me that one of the challenges in what he does is that sometimes the good news does not get spread as quickly as the bad stuff. "We need more people to share good news," said Lonny.

This does not mean that we should ignore the bad stuff and the brokenness that we see around us; actually in my own experience some of the most profound good news happens when people give themselves to others who are suffering. 

Something good is hundreds of people partaking in delicious chili all around town.

Something good is children learning to cross-country ski in downtown Wellsboro.

Something good is people baking and decorating cookies together to celebrate the Winter Festival.

Something good is two people with arms joined as they walk along the sidewalk because one needs the stability of the other to keep from falling.

Something good is one person praying for God's healing presence over another's cancer diagnosis.

Something good is a service dog helping a disabled person with her needs and the bond of love that is shared.

These are some of the good things I noticed today.

In a world where the bad news spreads oh so quickly, let us give ourselves in solidarity with Lonny, and, in love and service to the well-being of our community let us each shine a spotlight on something good today.

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