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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Rooted in love

The Community worship experience at the United Methodist Church of Wellsboro might as well be called the "Community Orienting-our-lives-in-relationship-with-God Expereince," because that is exactly what it is about.

There is something very special about the community gathered in worship of God; voices and prayers converging as one unified expression of thankfulness and love to God who loves us unconditionally and irrevocably.

I also want to point out that as I open myself to think about worship as an orienting or re-orienting of my life in relationship with God it follows that worship of God is bigger and broader in scope than the flow of a traditional Sunday worship experience.

Worship is the individual whom I met with in the Tioga county prison this past week who expressed sorrow for his failures to love himself and others and a desire to live as an expression of God's love.

Worship is singing or praying in the morning to have that daily spiritual touch point with God (perhaps you saw yesterday's blog post with Dovie- when he so joyfully and confidently lands on my head!)

Worship is one person helping another who is in need - because loving God and loving others are two things that are very often accomplished in one and the same moment of love and kindness shared with another.

Worship is two or three people praying a prayer of thanks to God as they begin a hike or a run through the woods.

Worship is me orienting my life in relationship with God in the sanctuary of the United Methodist Church of Wellsboro.

Worship is my friend Ahmad orienting his life in relationship with God in the Mosque in the Greater Harrisburg Area.

Worship is the two of us talking over the phone, praying for each other, and allowing ourselves to be drawn more deeply into the broad and mighty expanse of God's love togehter.

Worship is all us together and each and every one of us taking time each and every day to orient and re-orient our lives in relationship with live life rooted in relationship with God who loves, knows, and empowers us is to trust in the most powerful power in the universe.

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