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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fun at Ski Saw Mill

"That was fantastic!," said Melanie. It was the first time in 13 years since she'd been on the ski slopes because her MS diagnosis left her handicapped and unable to get around without the help of a walker. Today was the day she was able to hit the slopes again, to feel the cold wind rush against her face; not on a pair of skis but riding on a tube.

A whole group of about a dozen members and friends of the United Methodist Church made a trip to Ski Saw Mill this afternoon, children as well as adults. We all had an incredible time, and I believe part of living the best life possible is including everyone in the joy of living and experiencing life as much as possible.

To be honest, when Melanie told me that she intended to ride down the hill on a tube I was worried, hoping that she would not be too disappointed at a lack of handicapped accessibility. When we got there I was surprised and thoroughly impressed by the level of  hospitality extended to Melanie by the staff at Ski Saw Mill as well as by many of the other people enjoying the slopes. To say they were accommodating is an understatement. Some who knew Melanie and many who didn't know her at all were quick to help and also to enjoy the slopes with her. A Ski Saw Mill worker gave Melanie a ride on an ATV to get her from the parking lot to the bottom of the slopes, and when she got to the top of the hill there were people there to help her get set up to ride from top to bottom.

Ski Saw Mill was handicapped accessible today, as I now assume it is every day. There was gratitude, joy, and an all around fantastic experience enjoyed by all!

We should all aspire to this level of accommodation in the hospitality we extend to others. Thanks to Terry for organizing the trip!

Here are some photos and a video from our Ski Saw Mill experience today: 

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