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Friday, February 1, 2019

EMPOWERED at the Vet Clinic

I was completely grossed out and at the same time totally inspired. The dog that had just arrived at the veterinary clinic had been hit by a car and was in need of emergency care. The skin on it's backside was torn leaving the underlying muscle exposed. I am a person of faith so part of me was holding out hope that this poor creature would be okay, but there was another voice in my head saying, "that looks really bad, there's no way..."

Enter my wife Erin who serves as a veterinary nurse and the doctor who was on call that day. The two of them got to work in a flash. They stopped the bleeding, cleaned out the wound, and had the dog stitched up and in recovery within an hour.

This is just one example of the kind of stuff she does in care for animals who are in need of medical treatment. I'm grateful for what I got to see that day because it is always amazing to witness a person sharing their God-given gifts to help others, and in that way responding to the call God has placed upon them.

Erin has gifts of compassion, helping, and for being willing and able to engage in gross and disturbing situations to bring some healing out of it. Serving as a veterinary nurse she is able to respond to God's call to help animals to thrive and to reduce animal suffering in the world. Responding to this call is part of what it means for her to live her best life possible.

She studied for two years to obtain the skills necessary to do the work she is currently doing and she obtains continuing education units regularly.That being said, she has always possessed all that she ever needed to live her best life possible.  While training was necessary for her to serve as a veterinary nurse, those gifts of compassion, helping, and healing were gifts God had given her from the beginning. That is how God empowered her; by gifting her and calling her to be able to give herself in love and service to animals in need of medical care.

I share Erin's story to share the truth that each of us already possesses everything that we need to live our best lives possible; this is God's gift to all people. We are known, loved, gifted, and called by God; called to give ourselves to help each other; to love, to serve, to help, to comfort, to heal, to inspire...

You have always possessed all that you have ever needed to live your best life possible. YOU ARE KNOWN, LOVED, and EMPOWERED by the Spirit of God who is always closer than we think.

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