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Monday, February 25, 2019

Dumpling House Hospitality

Today I'd like to shine a spotlight on the generous hospitality, kind service, and delicious food provided by my neighbors at one of my favorite restaurants; The Dumpling House, located on Main Street in Wellsboro, PA.

It is a place where birthdays are celebrated, good food is prepared, and guests are always greeted with a smile and a word of welcome. There is no doubt in anyone's mind or heart that the welcome that Gary, Yuchi (the restaurant owners) and Shudee (a server) is totally authentic and genuine.

There is no telling when Yuchi will come around to all of the tables with something extra special that she cooked up (sometimes so special that its not on the menu!).

Once Yuchi sent me and Erin home with a radish. I'm not talking about the little pink radishes that show up in the typical American vegetable garden; it was a GIANT RADISH like I'd never seen before and I used it to make stir-fry's for lunch three days in a row!

I always know in my heart that each of them is truly glad I am there and the feeling I get is that they consider it a joy to serve those who enter their space.

They build community in their store through God's gifts of kindness, hospitality, and generosity. Not only do they serve good food; they inspire me to reflect these values of kindness, hospitality, and generosity in my own life.

Gary, Yuchi, and Shudee; thank you for the kindness and welcome you've shown me and so many others as you give yourselves in love and service through the food you make and your own character and personalities that are the greatest gifts of all! May God continue to work through you, inspiring all of us to be better neighbors for each other.

As the spotlight is shown on Gary, Yuchi, and Shudee at the Dumpling House, I want to ask; what other local businesses do you see investing in the community through kindness, hospitality, and service?

 (Me with Shudee (right) and Gary (center)

(Dumpling House store front on Main Street in Wellsboro, PA)

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