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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Counting blessings in the stillness

My default personality is that of an extrovert, but when you spend as much time with people (whom I love) as I do, a little retreat from the action becomes a necessary part of each day. Lunch time is like that for me. But even when I'm enjoying my 12-1pm lunchtime retreat I am not alone. I'm usually joined by Ivy keeping me company. Here she is:

I also enjoy watching TV shows and movies that have an element of fantasy or science-fiction. That being said, I often enjoy watching the TV show called "Supernatural" since it is on at that time.

I cooked a good stir fry (which I do most days) of rice, mushrooms, carrots, spinach, and tofu. In case you're wondering what that looks like, here it is:

I walked upstairs as usual (what can I say, I'm a creature of habit), but rather than turning on the TV I left it off. I ate my lunch in silence. For all intents and purposes this was an ordinary moment. Most days I'm eating a similar lunch at about the same time of day with the same dog by my side while I sit on the same couch in the same spot (I guess in that way I'm a little like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory...I do thoroughly enjoy eating my lunch in that spot).

Anyway I was partway through my lunch, and in this ordinary every day occurrence, as I put down my fork and paused briefly I found myself caught up in a moment of profound thankfulness. What was contained within this ordinary moment was an extraordinary moment of presence; of enjoying God's presence in my life through my thoughts of thanks for the beauty of a couple of ravens flying high out the window, for the delicious food I was eating, for Ivy as she sat beside me like there was nowhere else she'd rather be, for the breath in my lungs, for my life, for this day that I get to live, and for this moment of stillness that very quickly became filled with a peace that passes all understanding.

The extraordinary presence of God found expression in an ordinary moment of my everyday life. I wonder if this peace I had the joy of experiencing today is akin to the peace that Jesus felt as it seems he'd go off to isolated places by himself to pray, especially at daybreak and as the evening faded into night.

What a gift it was, and is. May all of our ordinary moments contain the extraordinary presence of God, and may God give us all the sense to pay attention.

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