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Friday, February 22, 2019

A servant among servants (a joy, a priviledge, a way of life)

Today's post is dedicated to the doctors and nurses, other staff members, patients and residents at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital (Susuquehanna Health) and The Green Home (a local nursing home) here in Wellsboro.

I spent time at both places this afternoon and I can't possibly say enough about how I saw God at work there...

...In the hospitable greeting I received from the woman working at the hospital's Welcome desk.

...In the quick organizational skills of the woman working the hospital directory.

...In doctors and nurses tirelessly visiting room to room checking on and caring for patients.

...In the kind and gentle demeanor of a woman diagnosed with cancer; by the way she, even in the midst of her own struggle and anxiety, welcomed people into her room in a way that emanated God's love from within her.

...In a moment of prayer with a woman whose mother was suffering from pneumonia.

...In a brief conversation with a supply chain worker as he quickly made his way from the Green Home across the street to the hospital.

...In the pleasure that a resident of the Green Home took in educating me in a number of old-time sayings, like what it meant to "cut a rug."

Jesus taught that the greatest is the servant to everyone else. He taught it in a way that he did not expect his disciples simply to study, read and write about it; he expected his disciples to follow his example and do it boldly.

He said it. He modeled with his own life. He called them to go and do the same.

There are some people doing some pretty great service work at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital and at The Green Home here in Wellsboro, PA and the way they give of themselves for others is worth celebrating.

Where have you noticed people giving of themselves in service to others today?

What opportunities did God give you to give of yourself in service to someone else?

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