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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Are you living the best life possible?

There was once a man named Solomon who had wealth, wisdom, and influence. He had all the stuff that anyone could ever want. Solomon ruled a great country with all of the finest things at his disposal. In an attempt to live the best life possible Solomon gave himself to a life of extreme pleasure and luxury. But to his dismay, Solomon discovered all of these pursuits to be meaningless, like chasing the wind.

Popular culture may tell us that living the best life possible is a matter of accruing wealth, pursuing pleasure, having the perfect body, or acquiring something else that we don’t already have. But many of us know when to call BS. Like Solomon you may have learned through trial and error or you may hold an intuitive awareness that all of these lead to the empty and groundless pursuit of "more" and of "better" to which there is no end.

I am convinced that living the best life possible is not a matter of chance; it is not a matter of acquisition or even of intelligence; it is not even dependent upon the fulfillment of all of our dreams. Living the best life possible is probably not the easiest life, the most pleasurable life, or the most luxurious life.

I believe that living the best life possible is not a matter of any subjective interest, but rather, living the best life possible is rooted in the universal truth of God's love. The core belief at work here is that all people are known, loved, and empowered by God. This is who we are. In response to God's love for us, we live the best life possible by living a life that is rooted in relationship with God and in love and service that is extended to others.

These core beliefs and core values are informed by the example of Jesus and his apostles. That being said, I hope this blog may provide inspiration for all who believe in a personal God who knows, loves, and empowers all people to live lives that are committed to love, service, and prayer.

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